ASCO24 Highlights: Advances in NSCLC

Dr. Heather Wakelee and Dr. Julia Rotow dissect the clinical relevance of recent ASCO24 NSCLC studies. Their discussion highlights the findings from several trials including the EVOKE-01, CROWN, PALOMA-3 trials and more, focusing on how these findings can be integrated into clinical practice to optimize patient care and improve outcomes for patients with NSCLC.

Highlights of the Day Session
Ibiayi Dagogo-Jack discusses the current outlook for metastatic NSCLC and provides an overview of some of the most impactful and practice-changing abstracts from ASCO24 Presentations focus on key findings and placing abstracts into clinical context.
Presenter: Ibiayi Dagogo-Jack, MD
Presentation Date: June 2, 2024
Oral Abstract Session
Jessica Jiyeong Lin discusses the data presented from the CROWN, PALOMA-3 and MARIPOSA studies, and the endeavor to strike the right balance with targeted therapies between efficacy and tolerability.
Presenter: Jessica Jiyeong Lin, MD
Presentation Date: May 31, 2024
Plenary Session
Suresh S. Ramalingam presents the primary results from the LAURA study during the ASCO24 Plenary Session.
Presenter: Suresh S. Ramalingam, MD, FASCO, FACP
Presentation Date: June 2, 2024